We have all been there. We log on to our inbox and there it is in plain sight. Unwanted emails and it’s not just spam, it has become increasingly annoying to the point in which the GDPR regulatory board has introduced a stricter compliance when it comes to opt-in marketing, this includes receiving emails which we quite frankly, didn’t ask for.

It seems brands have gone marketing mad and daily, we as consumers or B2B’s are bombarded with digital collateral and all other forms of literature which has just become too much to bear.

How to overcome this…

  1.  It’s all about personalization. Those who you remember by name and remember why they visited, their purpose for visiting and addressing their interests will make your email more digestible and less irrelevant.
  2. Keep email content short with expandable links allowing the reader to direct themselves to content they wish to see. 
  3. Create a thoughtful subject header that won’t divert your email to spam.
  4. Make sure their email address was gathered from a credible source and automate an email once they have signed up to receive your brand alerts via email.
  5. Allow readers to easily navigate to the unsubscribe tool. Give them the option for other less regular email content, or content delivered to them based on interest.

Monitor your progress using insights on a weekly or monthly basis. Try A/B testing emails to ensure no mistakes are made and to reduce unsubscribe rate. These slight tweaks can have impactful results in your email campaign.

Don’t forget automation is key but too much automation will lose trust and your brand will be viewed as a bot!

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