Ebony is her and as the founder, she is Ebony. A quirky, cultured, sassy, social media expert and techie enthusiast. A true Londoner, born and raised in the digital babies era. My earliest memory of being introduced to computers was writing script on MS Dos a fein for the social and digital landscape. Her journey began following the successful obtaining of a Journalism BA (Hons) Degree back in 2013, and like many other graduates who leave the safety net of academia, she was indecisive about the career path.

There sat a 23-year-old with an obscure career direction with a dire need for income. She took the unconventional approach and signed up to an MLM travel club which allowed her to network with thousands across the world and enabled her to travel to 15+ countries in the space of two years. The personal development and team building aspects of this project were phenomenal in shaping Ebony’s leadership qualities. Alongside this multiple streams of income, she had the opportunity to become an entry-level social media manager for a small fashion distribution agency and later became the Digital Marketing Manager. It was here where Ebony’s Digital Marketing career had ignited!

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