Strategy and Planning

Developing a 6 and or 12 month plan for your brand or business is one thing but understanding the needs and offerings is another. First there would be a consultation where I will find out from you more about your business, this is to gain better insight into your offerings. Based on your goals I will draft up a comprehensive strategy for you or your marketing team to follow.
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Having an experienced marketer – as such – who prides herself on her strategic capabilities.

I understand how to do a marketing strategy (which is a lot more detailed than a plan), how it links to your business strategy and how it should be aligned to growth.


Do you need a copy writer? How about a professional press release? or perhaps you require more journalistic writing or to be featured on Radio, TV or even printed publications.

EbonyHer will achieve a wealth of coverage in the right publications both on and offline generating exceptional brand exposure for your business.

Design and Brand Development

Branding is more that just having a striking logo, although thats a start. What’s your colour palette, font family etc, its all about consistency and values – your logo is essentially one of your most important assets. EbonyHer has a network of experienced Graphic Designers who can help with the visual element of design. Brand development is about creating the story, this is our speciality.

Our strategy, gets you results.


From a content and experience perspective, I can optimise your website.

Through the EbonyHer network we have a pool of web designers who can build an easy to manage content management systems, your website can be easily and will be entirely user friendly. Fancy a little bit of DIY

Content Creation

We make it our mission to thoroughly understand your business and customers to write relevant and engaging content for circulation across the right platforms.

We don’t just write pieces for the sake of it – everything we do has a purpose and fits in with your strategy and meeting your goals.

Social Media

We link our client’s social media activity with all other aspects of their marketing in a circular approach, whilst engaging with what is going on in the world that holds relevance to their brand.

We can help raise your brand profile and grow your business across social media channels that your customer base uses.

Visual Content

You have seven seconds to make an impression – so you better get it right! We can help you to achieve this through creating stunning, and importantly, appropriate visual content.

From photography, animation and videography, we will only deliver this service where we know it is going to add value and your business will see a return on its investment.

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